The Quickest Way To Stop Leash Pulling

Let the leash do the work - no further need to have a tug of war with your pet.

Patented Technology

The simpleLEASH® is a new and revolutionary way to stop your dog from pulling on his leash. It is quick, safe, and effective. The computer-controlled leash is like having a professional trainer, only more effective and cheaper! Even better, it works no matter who is walking the dog. The basic principle is simple, and time tested. Because of our proprietary technology, the leash knows how hard your dog is pulling, and warns him when he starts pulling too hard. Most dogs learn to respond to the warning very quickly, and pulling becomes a thing of the past.

We are dog lovers. Like most great inventions, we came up with the simpleLEASH® out of need. No training, collars or leashes would stop our dogs from pulling. The simpleLEASH® has been used safely and effectively with many dogs over the past few years. It has been endorsed by veterinarians and satisfied owners alike. The leash works for dogs of all sizes and temperaments. We guarantee it, or your money back!

Trusted by Vets & Owners!

"The simpleLEASH« taught her how to walk on a leash without pulling. After using it for a few months, she doesn't even need it. I posted a notice on Top Boerboel about how wonderful it is. Changed my life!"

This is just one of the many testimonials shared by vets and dog owners who have used the leash. See why simpleLEASH® users are raving about this revolutionary solution to dog pulling.

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